Supporting change in the labor market

  • Year: 2019
  • Role: Service Designer/UX Designer


TRR wanted to transform their analog offers to customers and become more digital in the way they work. Our mission was to identify needs among the target group and create a digital service to find new opportunities.


The project started with conducting qualitative research and we interviewed 20 representatives from the companies. To present the insights from the research we created 5 personas representing different roles and needs in the companies.

After defining the problems, we choose one area to focus on. Through the method Design sprint we were able to explore ideas with the team. We worked with hypotheses and evaluated them iteratively through user tests with prototypes. Methods included:

  • Personas
  • Design sprint
  • Prototyping
  • User test
Workshop session to get to know our personas
Collaborating in a virtual Design Sprint session


We created a new service for companies connected to TRR. In the service recruiters are able to find the right competences and recruit new coworkers. The project also resulted in a greater understanding for TRR's customers and insights about what the users value when searching to find the right recruits.

Design & Development

The development of the service was conducted iteratively. A big challenge was to make sure the results of the search was perceived as relevant for the recruiters.

A prototype of the service

Other work