Case: Inspire users to consume sustainable food


Mobile application

  • Year: 2016
  • Prototype: Link

The mission for this project was to improve a service from a sustainability perspective by applying frameworks during the stages of the design process and the evaluation. The framework used was presented by Nathan Shedroff (2009) in the book Design is the problem.


Animal production accounts for 15% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions which adversely affects our climate. By promoting vegetarian diet we can reduce the emissions and the negative impact on the environment. Mathem's idea is to offer a service which simplifies the life for ordinary families in Sweden. The customers do not have to spend time on planning their dinners, making recipes and grocery shopping. The intended user target group usually lacks time since they work full time, they often have children and have many activities planned. Studies have shown that this target group would like to change their diets and eat more vegetarian food. The trend also indicates that sales of meat products decrease while vegetarian foods increase. Users are more likely to cook vegetarian dishes when they feel inspired to what they can cook.


Mathem's new mobile application aims to inspire users to cook vegetarian dishes by providing them with recipes where organic and locally produced ingredients can be purchased directly and delivered home. The recipes contain vegetables that are seasonal, making it easy for users to eat climate friendly. Users save time when the planning of the diet decreases, and all groceries are delivered to their home.

Design process

The sustainability project was conducted individually and lasted for five weeks. My design process has consisted of increasing understanding of design from a sustainability perspective, sketching, creating sketch mockups, a InVision prototype, and evaluation of the service through interviews and user testing.