Helping new arrivals in Sweden enter the labour market

Just Arrived

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Our mission was to create a digital service that matches new arrivals with jobs at Swedish companies. Studies have shown that a high employment rate among new arrivals is a crucial factor in successful integration. New arrivals in the labor market create better conditions for successful integration by giving them the opportunity to learn Swedish, to expand their networks, and to obtain references from working life. I was involved in the Just Arrived project for six months as a user experience designer while writing my bachelor thesis about the challenges with a Lean UX approach.


Conflicts in the Middle East and Africa lead to massive refugee streams to Sweden which has challenged the Swedish immigration system. In the autumn of 2015 the foundation Just Arrived started as an initiative to create better conditions for the newly arrived. Just Arrived's intend is to change the Swedish labour market. By creating the right conditions for creating networks we can use more of the new competence arriving to Sweden. This is how we build better organizations, better business and a better society.

Design process

In this project we have applied the method Lean UX. Lean UX consists of three fundamentals: Design thinking, Agile software development and Lean Startup. The purpose of the effort is to get put out a product on the market that reaches the target goals without compromise the design quality and user experience.

Through hypothesis and iterative cycles, we focus on achieving them desired effect targets and investigating if hypotheses can be validated, rather than focusing on 'what' we physically have produced. With a Lean UX approach the goals are to learn as much as possible about the users to ensure that their needs are met by the design.

By applying Lean UX principles and approach build, measure, learn we can with the least possible resources meet the user needs at the same time let the users experience prioritize and guide the design decisions.

We started with a first hypothesis: "We believe that new arrivals have a greater chance of integrating into society if they get the opportunity to work."

This hypothesis was tested through research, interviews and visits to the Swedish migration authority. The results indicated that the first assumption could be validated. Based on this we developed the concept of creating a digital service that gave private individuals opportunity to recruit new arrivals to perform smaller assignments. The could for example be assignments such as gardening or assembling of furniture. In this way, new arrivals will have an opportunity to get in the Swedish labor market, linking contacts and learning the language.

During the process we conducted user studies, we visited a refugee accommodation in Gesunda to evaluate the concept and test design solutions. We explored different design solutions by sketching and wireframing.


Just Arrived is a web service which mediates jobs between Swedish companies and new arrivals, the service simplifies the process for employers to hire new arrivals through the reduced amount of bureaucracy.