About me

I'm Rebecca, a UX-designer with an interest in understanding people and behavior. Since 2018 I live in Paris and I'm currently working as a UX-designer at Iteam.

For me, digital design is about bridging the gap between people and physical or digital artifacts and information flows. I want to create amazing experiences through iterative processes, empathy and a great commitment to truly understand people.

I'm passionate about a lot of things, I enjoy experiencing new places and meeting new people. I also have a great interest in photography, digital design, drawing and painting.

My process

I'm a process driven designer and I use tools and methods to reach insights about users, explore design concepts and evaluate solutions.

User studies are conducted in the form of interviews, observations and workshops. I believe in a continuous learning about users and making design decisions based on user research. I use tools like personas, user journeys, service blueprints and sketching to create understanding and generate design suggestions.

I am passionate about transforming users' needs into something that contributes to profitability for companies through UX. I am convinced that the value for both users and businesses arises in the use of digital services.

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